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They brought him back???

Posted by Monster Man on 10/14/2014 to Monster Movies, & TV

The dead really do rise again in the Walking Dead! <SPOILER ALERT> If you watched the season premiere last Sunday you saw an old friend appear from the "grave."

Are you glad to see Morgan back? Looking at his appearance I would say that Morgan has really cleaned himself up. Of course we will not truly know until we see his interaction with Rick and the rest of the group. I always liked this character and was saddened by his state in his last appearance with Rick.

What are your thoughts? Are you glad Morgan is back? Do you think he will have a huge impact on the group? or do you think he is just season five death fodder? So many questions....so little time.

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 Monster Movies, & TV

 They brought him back???
 So THAT is why you will never hear "zombie" on the Walking Dead!

 October 2014
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